3 Reasons Why Birthday Marketing Works

I’m just a huge fan of Birthday marketing  cause I’ve found that it works and so easy to do.  You can implement it  fairly quickly and  without too much hassle or cost for that matter.

What I wanted to share with you is not so much the nuts and bolts of the system of birthday marketing but the why it works.  It’s actually not rocket science as to why it’s effective because it uses 3 of the most effective marketing strategies of all time.

Reason One – Scarcity

You know what it’s like when you see an awesome special offer and it’s limited to only 37 people.  You think “Oh man if I don’t get one of those real quick I’ll miss out”.  Or if you want to buy a new laptop and that super  sale ends 5pm on Sunday, I bet you’ll get  there no later than 4 that afternoon.

Birthday Marketing is the same.  A voucher is only good for one month – their birthday month.  So they only have 4 weeks to use it.

Reason Two – Limited One Offer

Anything that has a very limited offer is often valued more highly.   It’s like when the big departments stores offer their boxing day sales the day after Christmas, you know those mega sales are only on for one day of the year and if you miss out,  you then  have to wait another year till the next one.

As birthdays only come once a year, their usage is limited.  You can’t pick and choose what month you want to redeem your voucher as and you only get one chance every 12 months.

Reason Three – Standing Out From The Crowd

Everyone wants to feel special and acknowledged.   Giving a voucher  to your client is not only a reward  but thank you to them for being a wonderful customer.  I know I get that funny little feeling  when I receive an  unexpected gift  out of the blue from  a store or company that I support.

This not only makes your client feel special but it also has a boomerang effect and they will think the same about your business in return and you will stand out from your competition.


Even if you use just one of the marketing strategies I’ve shared   in any of your marketing your clients will respond so much more.  Having an awesome offer to go with it will give it a dose of “Umfp” as well.