If you have been using birthday marketing for your business for a while, you will know that there are the obvious benefits that come along with it, like an increase in your sales.

But there are also some other great benefits that you may not have realised that can have a big effect on your clients and your business.

  1. You Shine and Stand Out From The Crowd – Big Time!!

Can you think of a time when you were made to feel special from a business that you patronise? Now if you are like me I can’t think of one! You may be thinking of a place where you received awesome customer service, but hey, in reality that should be the norm of any business.

I suppose what I’m saying is that “stand out from the crowd” or a surprise” you kind of effort that a business has done to make you feel super awesome as a customer. Not many business owners think that rewarding their clients is of high importance.

I knew of a woman who was happy with her hair salon of two years, but decided to leave because she found out that her best friend was getting rewards, vouchers and special offers from the salon she was going to for over 6 years.

She just wanted to feel appreciated.  I think everyone likes a special reward from time to time.

  1. You Can Send “UP Sells” with your Vouchers

It’s a perfect time to add a great packaged offer or product specials to your birthday marketing.  Keeping in tune with the birthday theme will make the voucher even more appealing.  Just be sure not to make this a “marketing fest” and overdo it.

3. Update To Reactivate

If you send out your marketing via mail it’s important that your letters get to their destination and are opened.  There’s nothing more disappointing than when your letters get returned, unopened.

It’s the time to use that information so you can update your clients’ details and also your data base.


4. You Remind Your Clients Of Your Business

Even though your clients happily purchase from your business, sometimes they do forget about you.  Whether you send out your vouchers via email or post, a birthday voucher is friendly way of staying in contact and reminder of you and your business.


5. It Gets Your Old Clients Back In the Door

Sometimes you have clients that come in every week or visit your website and buy from you regularly. Then you have the clients that buy from you three times in a row and then you don’t hear from them for another 8 months.

With birthday marketing you have a nice informal way of wooing those old clients back and turning them into regular paying customers without the hard sell vibe attached to it. So there they are, the 5 benefits of Birthday Marketing.  It’s a great ROI and of course your clients will love you for it too!