60,000 Reasons Why You Should Do Birthday Marketing

If there are 60,000  reasons why you should do Birthday Marketing, are you wondering what they are?

The answer is simple.  It’s one reason times 60,000.  If you live in Australia statistics show that you’ll be sharing your birthday with 59,999 other Aussies  somewhere in the country.

Now for me that’s a Wow kind of statistic.  So now I’m going to ask you a question.

If you have a data base of customers already, how many do you think are celebrating a birthday today?

Having a data base of your customers is the best asset you will ever have in your business.   So if you do have a list of clients you are already half way there and can be earning some extra income each and every month.

What about earning $154.440.00 additional earnings over the next three years?

Do you think that maybe something you would like to have?

In my early days of my beauty salon we had just over 2300 clients on the data base.  So to give you an insight into the potential income that you can be adding to your business I’ll give you a bit of a maths session.

So for an example, take my list of clients from my salon of 2300.  Divide that by 12 (months of the year) and you end up with 191 birthdays per month.

Obviously there are some birthdays on the list that won’t be counted into that number.

Maybe some of your clients have moved away, or some are only transient clients such as overseas visitors or holiday makers from out of town.

So let’s say that 25% of that list aren’t possible birthday marketing candidates.  That brings the number down to 143.

Now if only another 50% of your clients take up your birthday offer (71)  and spend an extra 60.00 per client that brings in a total of $4290 extra dollars of income that you may not normally have received.

It may not sound like a lot of income per month, but multiply that by 12 months and your come up with $51.480 extra income for the year.

Now multiply that by 3 years and you end up with $154.440.00

Think what you can do with that extra cash.

Obviously each business will have different money outcomes.

If you read my earlier blog post on Birthday Marketing and the part about the restaurant that gave away a $100 voucher to my sister,  you can see that their result will be different.  The restaurants offer was that you spend the same amount.  So a $200 meal would only cost you $100.  Clever I thought.

If you are wondering that you may lose out by giving a birthday voucher away, I just have to tell you that my sister only has been back to that restaurant because of the birthday voucher she received.  So the restaurant would have missed out on that $100 sale.  And any other additional purchases they may have made, or any extra friends that they may have invited to join them that day.

This kind of marketing is easy to implement.  My sister filled out the quick survey while she was there.  That’s when they asked for her details and they were able to send her out the voucher.

So how simple and clever is it to start your birthday marketing?  Easy!  My only word of advice it to have somewhere on the form asking for their permission to send them something for their birthday.

It’s always better to ask first than get a cranky person saying they don’t want their gift.  Like yeah… who wouldn’t want a birthday gift.

Have fun marketing

Sonya x

Sonya Herbert How to do Birthday Marketing