Bali Style Part 2

Here’s the second half of the two part post on how to stand out in an overcrowded market.  If you missed the first part you can read it here.

In this half of the post I’ll be sharing how a beauty salon and mid-priced resort did extremely well in the very quiet tourist time while I was in Bali.  Nothing that either of these businesses were doing to stand out from among the crowd was gimmicky or salesy, but just normal strategies anyone could do anywhere.

Beauty Bali Style

When I arrived in Bali our other friends whom we were holidaying with had already been there for a couple of days.  My girlfriends thought it would be nice to pre-book me in for a facial on the following day of our arrival, as they had already gone out on a reconnaissance mission to scout out the options available and of course have a treatment as well.  (As you do in Bali when you are a girl who loves being pampered).

At our hotel reception I was handed an envelope from the staff from one of my friends.  Inside there was a note saying the time and place of the facial and the brochure with the treatment that had been booked.  Now you can imagine, as I read the brochure I thought that I was up for a bit of money to have this procedure.  I wasn’t too switched on about the exchange rate from the Aussie dollar to the Rupiah.  I sort of didn’t want to go but decided I would drag myself there and just enjoy it anyway.

My appointment was at 2.15pm. From the outside and at reception all looked normal, and I was so thankful it was cool and air-conditioned.  A sweet young lady came out and confirmed my appointment and asked me to wait.  She came back with an icy cool hibiscus sweet tea in a beautiful cup, and a moist rolled up towel that I could use to make me feel cooler.  It was just what you need on a hot sweaty day in Bali. My friend arrived 5 minutes later and also received the same lovely welcome too.

Now while all this was going on they had a stream of walk-ins (customers wanting an appointment now), but as you could imagine they were all booked up.  The earliest available appointment was 7pm that night.  And there were people wanting massages, facials, pedicures – and not just one but groups of 2 and 4 people at a time.  I was then called into have a seat and enjoy a pre facial foot soak.  This felt awesome and was a great start to the relaxing process.

I was taken to my beauty bed and the process began.

As a beauty therapist myself you often analyse the style of facial you are receiving and the technique used as well.  I thought it was one of the best facials I have had and enjoyed it so much that I actually was in my own little world. (Nodded off!).

Afterwards we received another warm ginger tea to uplift.  My friend said that it was customary to tip the therapist 10% and helped me work out the money to pay.  The cost of facial and tip was a whole $11, and that was for a 1 hour treatment.  Here in Australia you would pay at least $80-$100 for the same thing.

The marketing nuggets I left with were:

  •  The cost of a cup of tea and a cool towel wasn’t a lot but it made people feel so much better.
  •  Soaking your feet isn’t usually a part of a facial, but a lovely gesture that started the whole relaxing process.
  • Each client received the same special  teas, cool towels, etc regardless of what they were having done.
  • Their systems were structured and worked well and they didn’t overbook just to get anyone in which made those who were already booked in feel very important.
  • With so many salons in a small area, (8 within a 5 minute walking distance), the other salons were almost begging for customers while this salon was inundated and couldn’t keep up with the demand.

The Hotel that Healed My Friend

Villa Coco at Seminyak is one of those places that you won’t easily forget.  Sad to say we only got to stay one night there, but just awesome service.

On our arrival we were doing all the check in stuff when the manager, Claire came out to greet us. Claire noticed that Susan my friend had been sick.  (She had just been allowed out of hospital after spending three days in there).  She said you need to get into some air –conditioning and asked the staff if her room was ready.  It still had to be cleaned.  Even though our room was ready and we would have popped her in there, Claire decided to upgrade us all into a two bedroom private villa, with pool and outdoor dining and lounge.  We didn’t complain and of course it was beautiful.

She then sent up a hand crushed drink made by her staff to give to Susan to boost her and some electrolyte drink as well.  The hand crushed juice came another two times, later that night and the following day.  She perked up immediately.  Then at 7pm that night a staff member came around with some newly purchased powder to help her with her itchy heated skin.

No Extra Charges

As we were leaving on the following evening to catch the plane back home, we were able to stay in the villa with late checkout till 7pm that night.  On payment as we left, we did not get charged for anything other than the rooms that we originally booked.   Claire went way and above to help my friend and us out.  And we were so very thankful as Susan my friend recovered so much quicker

Inside the Villa at Villa Coco

The pool was just the right size and was landscaped beautifully. The outdoor living area had gorgeous tropical furniture that was nice and new.  The outdoor kitchen was full of crockery, wine glasses, and cutlery and had a medium sized fridge full of beer, wine- which was reasonably priced, chocolates, juices and nibbles. A large water cooler that was 20 litres in size so you didn’t have to go out and constantly buy water and only drink from a bottle.

There was a large but easy to read information book that was not only extremely helpful, but also full of great tips and local knowledge- Where to safely exchange money, local doctors, beauty therapists and a gorgeous profile of one of her staff who had been with the Villa Coco for years.  They also had information on one of the local orphanages and could organise a visit.

The Marketing Nuggets I Came Away With From The Villa Coco

  • Upgrading us into a two bedroom villa meant the world to us and healing for my friend.  This is priceless and since we have been home we constantly recommend the Villa Coco at Seminyak to everyone.  (Will also pop up a great review on TripAdvisor too).  We happily love to market for her by word of mouth and anyway we can.  After that experience there is nothing else to say about the Villas but (Totally rocking awesome service!”).
  • The information booklet was the best I had ever read.  It included the menu from the poolside restaurant.  We made our decision as to what to eat before we got there. Saves a lot of umming and awing.   Lots of resort info booklets become quite generic.  Villa Coco’s actually had a great feel to it.  Coloured in natural paper with prints of frangipani’s and with a Balinese printed cover made you want to look in it straight away.  The story of the staff member was beautiful and made you feel like you belonged and knew him already.
  • All the resorts, beauty salons and shops had their own USP or Unique Selling Proposition, or point of difference in a market that is flooded with the same types businesses.  They out-shone their opposition easily.  Yes they may of had to put in a bit of effort but most of the things that they did were not out of reach and easy to do.
  • Birthday marketing is often missed in many business and it’s a shame as it can bring in so much more than often realised.  As the above businesses have really stood out with exceptional customer service, your client vouchers are in the same field and will do the same for you.  We all want to stand out in an overcrowded market and loving your clients is the best way to go.