Hi I’m Sonya

And welcome to How to do Birthday Marketing.

I’m a former retail assistant, kitchen hand, beauty therapist, bikini waxer & salon owner.  I even sold german sausages and sauerkraut to hungry skiers in Mount Kosciuszko.

 After opening my salon in 2007 I soon realised that I needed clients in a hurry. Oh did I need clients in a hurry.  I had 65 clients and needed to fill appointments for 4 staff.  Mmmm….you could say I was in a bit of a pickle! 

I was desperate and found some great marketing help online, signed up (and paid a lot of moohlah!) which was a big stretch for me  at the time.

But it paid off and totally changed my business.

And that’s when I  become totally hooked on marketing.

Everything about marketing became fascinating to me after sending out my first, ever birthday letter a few years ago to my clients.  

I saw how marketing was one of, it not the most important part of my business.

As you know a lot of traditional kind of marketing usually requires a lot of money. So I had to find some low to no cost ways of boosting my income quickly.

That’s why I gave anything a go!  

It wasn’t long before I saw a return on the birthday letters I sent out.  (And some of them were so simple and reeeeealy basic a little bit daggy, on those very first mail outs), but I must of done something right because our customers just loved them.

Being passionate about Birthday Marketing I wanted to teach others small business owners how easy it is to implement and keep going smoothly for their own salons.  All the tips, strategies can be used for online business as well.

Birthday marketing has so much to offer your clients and will also bring in regular income for your business.

And if you are new to this type of marketing feel free to sign up to my 5 Steps To Birthday Marketing here.  It’s easier than you think.

It’s low cost simple and a fun and rewarding way of marketing for your business.

So let’s get this marketing started for your business now!