Birthday MarketingBirthday Marketing

I actually thought it would be a great time to write about Birthday Marketing.

February is a special month for me and Yep, I bet you can guess it’s my birthday.  I’ll be turning a milestone number, but that’s going to be kept a secret for now!!


If you need to find some extra cash flow for your business, I highly recommend that you think about implementing birthday marketing vouchers to your customers.

I love this style of marketing for a few reasons.

  1. It brings in a consistent income each and every month
  2. Your customers will love the birthday vouchers because it makes them feel special, appreciated and develops a stronger relationship with them
  3. It creates extra add on sales
  4. Customers often talk about what they get for free, and they will refer friends to your business


So if you already have a data base of your customers, think about it.   They all have a birthday!

If you send them a birthday voucher, they’ll be tickled pink knowing that you have thought about them.  Imagine how they will feel when they realise that you have given them a $20 dollar voucher (or the value you decide) to come in and use it in your business.

From my past experience most customers will spend far and above the $20 amount.  Most spending well over $100.

Price Your Vouchers Accordingly

If you are selling ice cream or smaller priced products you may want to lessen the value of the voucher you give away.   You just adjust the value.  Let’s say you give one of your great customers a voucher to receive a free ice cream.  If you think about it they’ll probably bring a friend along to as company and they’ll usually buy one for themselves and you may even score a new client.  After all they will see their friend receiving their birthday ice cream and will want one for themselves too!

Listen To This Voucher Story

My sister received a voucher for her birthday from a swish restaurant for $100.  There was a catch though; she had to bring a friend and spend the same amount.  Now if you do the math they were getting their dinner for half price and that was really a great deal, but the owner of the business was making a sale which they otherwise wouldn’t have, it was a win win situation.   She even drove 2.5 hours to get there!!  So she valued her birthday voucher very highly.

Extra Sales

I’m sure you may be thinking well I’ve got hundreds of customers with birthdays and at $20 each I’ll be broke.   It’s not about what you are giving away but what you will get in return.  Not all your clients will redeem their vouchers, but in a way you really do want them too.  So try not to add up all the vouchers you are giving away but all the sales you will receive from sending out the vouchers.

Adding Something Too Irresistible

To really entice my customers to use their voucher I would include an offer so irresistible that they would come running in the door.

Remember your customers are going to be in a pretty good mood because it’s their birthday.   By rewarding them and getting them to come in to spend, you will also be rewarding your own business with sales that you wouldn’t normally have had and additional up sales.

I know I’ve said it many times before; it’s all about your customers and how you make them feel.  This kind of marketing is a great relationship building tool.  It’s setting your business apart from your opposition.   Also, ask yourself who would you rather go to, the business who just takes your money – or the one who says thank you for being my customer, I really appreciate you.  I know where I’d rather go to.



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