When sending out your birthday vouchers to your lovely clients this November, why not save time and double your income by sending out Decembers as well.




I call this batching and catching! 

Sending out your birthday vouchers every month is something you do automatically, but come December it’s another marketing activity that you’ll have to squeeze into an already extra busy month.

As well as your usual Christmas promotions, end of year get together’s, and trying to fill every last minute order before you close for Christmas, why not do two months at once so you batch (combining the same work and effort together to save time).

That way you can get that job done and dusted and out of the way and focus on the busy-ness of December.

And the payoff here is that by getting in early and allowing your December clients extra time to come 4 weeks sooner, you’ll also increase your November income. (That’s the catching part), and double your income for November.


Put Yourself in Your Client’s Shoes.

Everyone is making their Christmas to do lists in preparation for December. Last minute things like pampering themselves and birthday vouchers may be safely popped aside until they get a spare minute.  And generally we know that rarely happens with all the kafuffle of the holiday season.


If you have a birthday in December (and a few of my friends do), they often get a quick version of a party. Everyone is busy going to Christmas parties, working longer hours and caught up in the chaos, so a pre-birthday voucher gift would be awesome for them to receive.

They are in a place to feel like they can really enjoy that lovely birthday voucher you have given them and 4 weeks earlier.

Birthday Notelet For Your December Clients.

It’s always nice to add a note to explain to your customers why they have received their birthday voucher a month earlier.  You don’t want them to think that you’ve got their birthday wrong and muddled up their birth month.

I’ve got a downloadable PDF here of a sample notelet that will do the job just fine.  It’s just to give you an idea,  and best if  use your own words to make it personal from your business.

Need some vouchers and not sure where to star?  Pop on over to the FREEBIES PAGE HERE to get some ideas and get you on your way.