I’ve often wondered what was  holding so many business owners back from starting a birthday marketing program when I found it to be so easy and extremely profitable for my own business

So as I was thinking back the other day to when I had my beauty salon and was remembering when customers would come in and tell us how much they loved our birthday vouchers. At that time what I found to be really interesting was that some of those clients who commented on the vouchers had  businesses of their own, and I could tell that they were interested and thought of doing birthday marketing  too.

 Some of the things they said were:

“It’s an awesome idea and a great thing that you guys are doing”.

“I can see how your clients would loved them”.

“So great for businesses and what a clever concept”.

“I would love to do this for our business and think  we should do it”.

I wasn’t the kind of person to feel threatened if they did do the same as us and introduce birthday vouchers into their business.  If anything I encouraged them to do it.

Hey I know what you may be thinking  that I’m a bit dipsy for doing that, (I’m known for my blonde dipsy side sometimes), but  I don’t have the monopoly on birthday marketing  and it’s free for anyone to do.


So as the months passed I would see those clients weekly and monthly for their appointments and they would again compliment us on our vouchers.  I knew that our clients loved them but to continually compliment us on them made me think that the vouchers had more of an impact than I realised.

Then after more months had passed and I hadn’t seen any vouchers from any of their businesses and I was a tad curious.  I thought they were super keen to do it. So asked my clients if they had started their birthday marketing for their own business and if they had sent any vouchers out to their customers yet? But they said no, they had been too busy, holidays, etc and just hadn’t got around to doing it yet.

I thought why wouldn’t they do them?

Birthday Marketing really works and It’s easy!

Everyone has a birthday and they have clients that they could send vouchers to right now.


So my question is:  What was the real reason as to  “WHY DIDN’T THEY DO THEM”?


They didn’t have a system to do it.



Our Dipsy Blonde Proof System

The way we did it was simple, basic and automated each month and if I could do it then anyone can.

So what I thought was the real reason behind their procrastination was more to do with their mindset and less with the actual  doing of it.

They thought it would take ages to set up, take up too much of their time and probably didn’t know where to start. But here’s the thing all you need is a voucher and a email or postal address and you are in business.

You can tweak it later but the main thing is to get it out there.

Our vouchers may not have been created by a talented graphic designer but they did the job perfectly fine.


Online Design Help

If you feel you would like some help, here are a few places you can go online that are basically for free or for a really great price.



If you don’t have any idea how to come up with a design for your voucher, you can pop on over to Canva and do some awesome graphic design for free.  They look pretty schmick.



If you want to send via the post and don’t want to make your vouchers yourself you can get them printed on Vistaprint for a very affordable price.



This another great option to get things designed.  I’ve had a few things created with fiverr and found  them to be quite good.

Be sure to know a bit about who you are working with.  The designers are from all over the world and easier if you can communicate with someone who understands your background.  As I’m from Australia we are rather casual in our appearance and we love to wear thongs.  But our thongs are different to the thongs over in the US! (the mind boggles).

I had a caricature done of myself via fiverr and wanted to look like a funny cartoon  character but decided to get another one done as the first person didn’t quite get what I wanted, (I looked old and frumpy- or is that what I really look like!!)

Just In Love With Canva

Below are a few mock up gift certificates (quite basic) that I’ve done in Canva just to show you.  They can all  be customized to suit and the program is very easy to use.  You can add your own images, backgrounds etc.  Some templates are free and while other are a $1 to purchase.  Some images also have a $1 charge but they have a large range of free images as well.

This is by far my fave online program.

This is a simple but inexpensive way to get your Birthday Marketing started and if you have any questions or great testimonials from your marketing pop them down below.

Happy Marketing