Want to know how to create Irresistible Offers for your vouchers that are so good that your clients will find them too hard to refuse?


Well I’m sure you think “Of course I do, but aren’t they already getting an irresistible offer with the voucher I’m sending them anyway?”

Yes i totally understand what you’re saying.

Giving, or sending out vouchers whether they are Thank you Vouchers, Birthday Vouchers or simply the discount kind of ones, are a gift in themselves making you stand out from the crowd.

 and sadly…..most small business don’t send their clients anything leaving a load of money on the table in their business.

But have you ever thought that by creating an offer to go along with your vouchers (one that is too good to refuse), may entice your clients to not only come running in to use them. but also give them something juicy to spend their money on too?



So How Do I Create An Irresistible Offer?

It’s easy.  Here are the 3 Secret Ingredients that you need to do that make it even more irresistible so your clients can never say NO!

  1. The Actual Offer ( A no brainer has to be a pretty good one!).
  2. Limit or Scarcity.
  3. What Your Irresistible Offer going to do for them?


So of course your offer has to be a great one.  No 5% discounts.  Sorry…if that’s what you may be currently offering.  It’s just not a big enough wow to get your clients to come running in.

I always say put yourself in your client’s shoes.  If you opened your email inbox and had a 5% discount from your hairdresser would you go running in ASAP?  Probs not.

So give them something super juicy that’s Irresistible


.By limiting certain features of your offer will create urgency in your client’s mind. If you have a birthday voucher you can limit it to a time frame. (the month of their birthday).

Pop in an expiry date at the end of the month.  Send the vouchers out first thing of the month so no matter if their birthday lands on the fist or the 25th they have 4 weeks to use it.


If I’m thinking about buying something, I want to know  what  the benefits are going to be if I do.

So if you are in hairdressing, beauty or massage etc you can explain that the benefits are relaxing, stress reducing, hair colour that won’t fade for weeks, skin that will glow for days and great for a special occasion.

Or if you are promoting an offer with actual items say from a plant nursery, your benefits may be hassle free installation for your water feature. Saving them the hassle and headache searching for other tradesmen and saving them lots of dollars.


Any ideas you like to add?  Love to hear them and feel free to pop them in the comments below.