Free Downloadable Birthday Vouhcers

Having trouble getting your birthday voucher designed for your Business? Well no need to stress cause you can download this template ready to personalise for your won uses. Using  Microsoft word you’ll be able to edit and pop in your own contact, business details and change the $$ amount as well.

Step 1.

Pop on over to the Freebies page here and enter your details to download your Birthday and New Client Voucher templates, New Client Letters and Birthday Marketing Checklist. After confirming your link, check your inbox again for your email containing all your free goodies.

Click on the voucher you want or link in the email and it will open up for you and download.

Step 2.

To edit your voucher, highlight your mouse over the text boxes and backspace to type in  your business name, phone number etc. You can also update the money value of the voucher as well.  If you want to save your new voucher go to save as and enter the new name of your voucher.  Example Francine’s Birthday Voucher Template. instead of just save.

This will keep the original template as is –  while creating a new one for your business.

Step 3.

After editing your text/voucher, print it onto a normal A4 size sheet of card around 120 to 180gsm. Cut the vouchers with a paper splicer (to give a lovely straight line) and Wolla! You’re done!

Have fun making and editing your vouchers. The most important thing is to get them out there.  Remember you can always tweak them later.

Your clients will love them no matter what you send.  It’s all about how you make them fee.!