I’m sure you spend a good amount of your precious time thinking and doing really great, awesome marketing that your clients will love.

After you have created  a wonderful offer,  you push send on your computer and wait for your clients to hit return on the email saying yes I’ll have one of those offers or expect the phone to ring in your business.

But sometimes all you just get is a measly  response  and you wonder why!!!!!  You’ve put in all that effort and created an awesome-too good to be true offer but it just didn’t tickle your clients fancy.

There’s probably a dozen reasons why the response to your marketing wasn’t what you expected:

  • Wrong offer for time of the year (it’s hard to sell bikinis in winter)
  • Your client missed your email cause they are just too busy
  • Poor headline – not enticing enough even though your offer is totally awesome
  • It’s grand final time and clients are too wrapped up in what’s happening at the footy
  • And the list goes on.

But what if you did have all the boxes ticked and had that too good to be true offer. How can you grab your clients attention and get them to respond?  You may want to read on and find out all about lumpy mail.

What is Lumpy Mail?

If you are new to lumpy mail then you are in for a treat.  It’s sending out your marketing via “snail mail” (the post) with an item attached to your letter that creates a “lump or bulge”.  On the outside of the envelope the lumpy bulge creates curiosity and that’s when –  yes you’ve got it, your client can’t wait to rip open her letter to see what’s inside.

So what do you put into your “Lumpy Mail” I hear you ask?

This is where things can get very creative.  Over the years when I have received lumpy mail  there’s been a lot of different items attached to the letter.

Teabags, jewellery (costume), lollies, balloons, small diaries or notebooks, a candle, pen and even a silver tray the size of small dinner plate.  It is important to use things that are a reasonable size and big enough to create a curious lump and not too small so a child can swallow them.  (that’s the mum coming out in me!)

You may think this is corny and not for you.  And that’s ok ,but here’s a statistic that you may want to know about.  I read only recently that lumpy mail gets opened 100% of the time.  I know if I had 4 letters arrive in the mail I would definitely open the lumpy one ASAP.

This style of marketing was huge a few years back and isn’t widely used now because we rely on email  as our main source of contact with our clients.

I can see how we would rather use email as it’s is, cheap and quick and can be done from just about anywhere in the world.

So snail mail does have obvious downsides: printing, postage costs, time to put it all together and does need to be structured into your business’s routine.

I do think you can still use this awesome form of marketing and I do in my birthday offers each month.

If you want to try lumpy mail but unsure about all the mailing and postage part of it, then why not use it for special events and selected clients whom you really want to target.  Clients who are in your top 10%.  Or you could look at it the other way around and use it for clients who haven’t committed to anything in your business and  are the ones you want to make a bit of an impact with.

So now you are thinking what an earth can I pop into that letter to lumpify it!  Well that all depends on the offer, special or call to action you would like your client to respond to.

So as an example let’s say you own a health food store and you would like your very regular VIP clients to sign up to a monthly membership where they can receive their vitamins every 4 weeks automatically.

So if you do the math:  let’s say you would like to get your clients to sign up to a membership you are offering so they can get $50 worth of their fave vitamins each month .  That’s $50 x 12 = $600 per year.  Now to send out the lumpy mail it may cost you a bit more than a standard letter, and we’ll say $2.50 (stamps, envelope and  mini gift).

So if they say yes for $2.50  you get $597.50 per year from them.  Not bad hey!

If you’ve ever done anything like lumpy mail or something similar if you would like to share your results below in the comments as I’m always curious  I would love to hear.