How To Increase Your Business Income

Everyone owner in retail or the service industry  really wants to know how to increase their business income. But do they have a plan to actually make that dream happen?  There is one guy that has inspired me to plan to increase my business income and not just hope that it may happen.  His name is Dan Kennedy.

If you have been around the internet researching marketing you may have already heard about or come across Dan Kennedy.  He’s a guy who won’t sugar coat anything and  tell you straight if you need to pull your socks up in any area of your business.  But hey this man is awesome. He’s the king in the area of marketing and he’s well worth taking a look at.


Why Do I Have To Sit Next To The Farting Cat?Birthday Markeing Farting Cat j

One of the smallest books that he has ever written left a very big impact on me and is called, “Why Do I Have To Sit Next To The Farting Cat?”.  (Great Title) In this book he talks about how loves to race horses, (harness racing/trotts).  While on a visit to  his stables, when one of his employees was complaining that she always gets stuck sitting next to the cat that farts.


Now you are probably thinking what is she talking about this Dan Kennedy guy for, and a cat that farts, I thought we were going to learn about how to increase your business Income.

Well the reason I decided to write this post is because he inspired me to do it and it’s because of this book.

Getting To The Point…….

The point he is stressing is that we all have issues and problems in our businesses.  We are often vocal about these problems and keep complaining about them.  In the case of the woman who always managed to sit next to the farting cat, his point was that she did have a choice to do something to make her situation better.


  • She could have kicked the cat out.
  • Sat in another area where the cat couldn’t get in.
  • Feed the cat something different to maybe help reduce the flatulence output.
  • Put the cat in her bosses office
  • I think you get the picture.  Every situation stays the same until someone does something different to get a better result.


Now Back To The Income IssueHow To Increase Your Income

We all would love some extra income for our business, but nothing will change unless you do something different to create another result.  Do you had a marketing plan in place  to bring in regular consistent income?

Is there anything that you do day in, day out, weekly, monthly to ensure you have a consistent flow of income for your business?

Your plan doesn’t have to be big and grand. Just doing smaller, consistent and regular things make all the difference.

The Small Things That Can Make A Difference

Popping up a post on social media every day with a call to action or special offer.

Do you have a loyalty program that entices your clients to repeat buy?

Send out a newsletter each month via email.

Or better still do you have a birthday marketing program in place that brings in consistent income each and every month. (I’m a bit partial to birthday marketing!!)

If you do have a marketing plan in place give yourself a big pat on the back.  Often marketing is done when we panic and think,

“Oh No I’ve got no clients I’d better do some advertising”.

It’s something you plan and do each and every day/week/month.  When you plan you have a much better chance of growing your income than those businesses that fly by the seat of their pants.

Happy Marketing

Sonya x


Sonya Herbert How to do Birthday Marketing