How To Make Your Birthday Vouchers Irresistible

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes a birthday vouchers so irresistible? Sometimes I tell myself it’s that awesome design and colour scheme I use. Or I change my mind and tell myself it’s the dollar value and discount matched with the great special offer.

But does it really matter what the magic ingredient is that makes your birthday gift voucher so compelling to use? Or should you simply be glad that your clients are redeeming them?

It’s All About “The Test and Measure”

In business and marketing you should always test and measure the response to any ad, promotion or giveaway you do. I’m sure you put in a fair bit of time into your promos, and if you are anything like me you may want to know 1) how your clients like and feel about it, 2) if it’s actually getting a response, and 3) are you making a return on your investment?


When I had my beauty salon we happily did our birthday marketing at the beginning of every month. We would lay out all the envelopes (with colourful images printed on them), pop in the personalised vouchers, some birthday candles, and a letter to finish off. I merrily would print these off at the end of the month so they would be ready to assemble at the beginning of the following month.

It may sound like there was a lot involved, but we had this down pat like a well-oiled machine. We would set aside an hour or two the first few days of the new month to do them and mail them ASAP.  This system was great, it worked so why would I think  of ever changing it.

Light Bulb Moment

So we had a great response to our vouchers. The comments were all positive and clients loved receiving their vouchers. They would come in and use them and go home happy.

But then, I had a light bulb moment to include an irresistible special that would be just for them. No other client would be able to have this super-valued special – it was only for the birthday girls in that month.  It did create a bit of scarcity and also gave a time frame for them to come and use it as the vouchers were only valid for that month. I even gave them an extra discount as well to be even more enticing.

 Give it a Shot

I decided to try this for a few months to see how it would go.  If it didn’t work there was always the option to trial something different or go back to the way it was.  My theory was,  if you don’t test a new way you won’t be able to measure it against the old way.

$2000 ROI

That’s when things changed and after doing some “crunching numbers work” on the computer I realised that the return was so much higher. We always counted how many vouchers returned and we did have more sales and were busier but with the special included we actually raised our income more than ever.

This added an extra $2000 per month in additional sales. Now that may not sound super high, but doing a little bit of math, that worked out to be $24,000 for the year. This was a few years ago and I’m sure prices would be quite different now.  It also will depend on the type of business you have.


Variety is the Spice of Life, so they say.

Even if you decided to keep your systems the way they are and not change anything that’s all cool and fine. But if you would like to try and tweak something and a little hesitant to start, why not try with something small, like the font on the vouchers, the images you use or even upping the dollar value.

Clients are always eager to give their feedback if they like (or don’t like) something – trust me  you will hear about it and that’s a good thing.  You do want to know.

And always at the end of the month remember to test and measure.  It ‘s all worth it.



Sonya Herbert

Sonya Herbert

Hi I'm Sonya from How To Do Birthday Marketing. I love everything about marketing and customer service and want to help business owners grow their business and income using low to no cost tips and ideas.