I’ve been on a mission the past few weeks tweaking my New Client Letters to excite my first time clients to come back and visit me.



Ahh…. I just can’t help thinking about it and I love coming up with new ideas.

(Mind you a lot of new ideas are old ones just polished up with glitter sprinkled on them, but hey if they work who cares!)
I have a great story to share with you that shows you about how “voucher marketing” will change your client’s mindset about your business.


A Story You’ll Love From My Friend Jennifer .

I met up with my friend Jennifer whom I worked with years ago, and we were talking about how we hadn’t been back to visit our local pharmacy in some time.
My friend Jenny was saying that she needed some vitamins and felt she should have gone to our old pharmacy to purchase them, but instead went to the new pharmacy at the mall instead.
She also told  me that it was her birthday and the new pharmacy had signed her up to a loyalty scheme and she had a $5 credit and…… then because it was her birthday they also sent her a $10 voucher as well.
So she just said “I had $15 credit and I really wanted to use that to buy my vitamins”.


So when you have a new client who has decided to return to your business and is ready to buy, be prepared with awesome, value packed customer service.
You don’t want to miss the opportunity to wow them and make them a loyal client for ever.
But I’m sure that you can see how that a small gesture and bit of effort on the part of the business owner to do the voucher marketing, changes the mindset of your client.
I know I always keep saying…..“put yourself in your client’s shoes” . Can you imagine how my friend Jennifer felt when she had a $15 voucher from one pharmacy and nothing from the other one.
I know that $15 may not be a lot to woo a new client, but to Jennifer it was worth going to the new pharmacy to use it towards her vitamin purchase.  I’m sure, knowing Jenny, she would have purchased a lot more than originally planned!!
Anyway back to the New Client letters….​​​​​​​


 They can be easily made  on your computer and to save time instead of making a voucher you can pop a line 3/4 down the page with a voucher image underneath and it’s value.


Try to create a personal connection with your prospective “new client” by popping in a photo of you and your staff as well.
 Makes it personal and will appear warmer than a plain letter.

But if you don’t have a personal image then please send out the letter anyway.  You can always update later on.


There’s a saying “The more you tell = the more you sell”!
Basically the New Client Letter is designed to do a few things when sent with your voucher.
Now as I always say …“Put yourself in your client’s shoes”. 
So lets pretend you are one of your clients and they have just received their New Client Voucher.
They open up the envelope (snail mail) or the email that you’ve sent and it’s a voucher thanking them for patronizing your business and it’s a $20 voucher to use on their next purchase.
They are probably really excited and a bit surprised. Which is great!




Ok, so now it’s the same scenario but with the New Client Letter  attached to the voucher.
The letter thanks them for visiting your business but also has more added information that will make your voucher a little more appealing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  1. It lets them know how to redeem their voucher in more detail. (to call your business/email or to pop in, etc)
  2. Gives clear instructions for use eg: expiry, what products or services are included..
  3. Business hours and extended opening times for anyone who may think they can’t use their voucher.
  4. Addressed any queries they may have. Street address, parking availability, kiddie policy.
  5. Allows for a more fun and playful wording of your offer.
  6. If you do have a photo of yourself and your staff it will  create an instant connection with your new client.
So hope that’s helped you with your marketing and getting your New Client Vouchers out with a bang.
If you want to pump things up even more you can pop in an offer that’s too good to refuse.                                                                                                               
Now that’s making your vouchers stand out like they are on steroids.

If you would like to try the New Client Vouchers and Letters you can pop on over to the Freebies Page Here to grab your downloadable’s now.

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