Rewarding your customers with New Client Thank you Vouchers is one of the easiest and quickest ways to grow your business.

But did you realise that it also creates a path to make your clients want to come back and fall in love with you too!


Want to know the easiest way to get your clients to come back and fall in love with you?

New Client Vouchers!

I bet you are thinking…“What do New Client Vouchers have to do with birthday marketing?

Yep that’s a Great question. Birthday Vouchers reward your clients for being wonderful loyal clients, it’s also about positioning your business to stand out  from the crowd and of course your opposition. Well New Client Vouchers do just the same thing but at the very beginning-after the very first visit.

But here’s the kicker! 

It’s also setting up a pathway for your new client to return, become a raving fan and fall in love with you easily.  (If you would like to grab your free downloadable vouchers to use straight away, you can get them here.

When you have a business you are always on the lookout for new clients.

Some clients will voluntarily walk through your doors or sign up online with no promptings at all.

But some clients you have to actually find and entice to come in to see you. And to do that you have to advertise to get them, and that usually entails some form of financial cost to you.

So I always say…. Put yourself in your client’s shoes.


What is Your Client Thinking?

Ok…. so let’s pretend you have a new client and they have had an awesome experience in your salon/store or have purchased one of your online products.

Now they are a first time buyer for your business.  They go home and enjoy their new product and are feeling kinda good.

So a week goes by and they have been super busy and haven’t had a chance to think of you or your business in the time.

Then another week goes by and they still don’t think of your business.  So after a month or so, you slowly drift out of your client’s mind unless…… there is something that will re-kindle the Loooooove they had for you.

And guess what that is?  Yes a New Client Voucher.  (Full marks for guessing!) Lol

Two Kinds of New Client Vouchers

The first kind of New Client Voucher is of course – the obvious money valued one.

You give your client a reason to return to your store to use the money voucher on a service or product that you have.

This style of voucher has been around for a while, and is used by large companies.  My mum gets one every year from her Rockmans store in our area. And she loves it!

Some stores also send a percentage off a service or product but in the past I’ve found that they aren’t as popular as the $ value ones as customers don’t often want to take the time to work out the percentage. (HINT make it too easy for them).

The Second type of New Client Voucher is the No Strings Attached Freebie.

Now this voucher will make your clients feel extra special.  So for example I’ll use a Plant Nursery.

After coming in and purchasing some plants/potting mix your have kindly signed up to their loyalty program. (clever move here).

The nursery has your details and emails or post’s you a thank you New Client Voucher with a freebie offer.

In this offer they could give you say…..a 3 pack of potted colour (flowering pansies) or a Gardening magazine and set of gardening gloves.

​​​​​​​The nursery could also offer a 20 minute plant consult with you for your garden.


Word of Caution!

DON’T GIVE AWAY THE FARM! You do seriously have to think this one over carefully and not give away too much but rather something of higher value that doesn’t actually cost your business a lot.

In the case of the pansies they retail at 3 for $10 but in actual fact they probably cost $1.00 a punnet, so in effect you are giving away $3.00 worth of product.

The consult is still costing you money as well.
You or your staffs’ wages to do that but in return you may acquire a long term client who spends $100’s of dollars at your store each year.

Buying A Client

This type of marketing is actually a form of buying a client.  You are spending money to get a life long, loyal client who spends their money with your business all year long.  

When I first opened my salon I actually did a facial giveaway of a $65 facial (that was 7 years ago).

We had an enormous sign out the front of the salon saying FREE FACIAL FOR EVERY NEW CLIENT.

My marketing mentor at the time told me to do that.  You can imagine I was super nervous and not really keen. (at times I felt a bit ill at the thought of it).

We did have quite a few clients come in and take us up on the offer but we were careful to only pop in say 1 or 2 in a day or even less.

As much as we may have been quiet we didn’t want to book up our whole day with freebie facials.  My marketing guy said “well you aren’t doing anything else why not knock them all over at once!”.

Good point too but you have to be comfortable with your decision as well.

But……out of those clients that did take up the offer we found some super awesome, very good ones who became so loyal and actually brought in a large amount of money for our salon.

They would have regular waxing, facials, take up all our special offers and also buy lots of gift vouchers as presents.

That’s what I call a raving loyal fan for your business.

Always do your math before you give anything away and remember the readon behind the voucher reward system too.  I have had some friends say to me that they would only give a small amount away, no more than $10 in a hair/beauty salon.

It all has to be in-line with the cost of your products and services.

But my question to you is….”What would make you want to go back to redeem your voucher