Check Out These Real Life Birthday Marketing Tips.

If you are just starting out with Birthday Marketing for your business then this interview with Monika Williams from Soothe Beauty has some great information for you.

Opening up her salon she had to not only find some lovely clients to fill all those appointments, but ways to keep them coming back.  Today we are focusing on her Birthday Marketing and if you are in a service based business her simple but effective methods have proven to work month after month.

Q. What is your type of business?Monika Williams Soothe Beauty Kingscliff nsw

A.I’m a beauty therapist and salon owner of Soothe Beauty.

Q. Who are your clients?

A. All kinds.  Some are local and work colleagues, acquaintances and I do have a regular growth of new clients as well. 

Q. When did you start using Birthday Marketing for your business?

A. From very early on.  This type of marketing was familiar to me and I knew how effective it  was to grow you business.  When I first started out it was a way of connecting with my clients.

Q. What do you think was the overall reaction that your clients felt when they received their birthday letters?

A.  All clients were thrilled at receiving a gift from my salon in the mail.  Many would come and use them quite quickly.  Some would even use it on their actual birthday. It made them feel special.  A lot has said that they had never received a voucher before.

Q. What value did you give your clients on their birthday vouchers?

A. $20.00

Q. Do you think that value off the vouchers was a good amount for your business and the services you do?

A. This worked in well with my salon menu prices.  It was a great price range to entice clients to come and visit the salon and also they would often use it to purchase a more expensive treatment.

Q. Were your vouchers made from your own resources or did you get them pre made from another company?

A.  They were designed and made by myself on my home computer.  The vouchers were simple and easy to do and I could print them off as I needed them. 

Q. Did you have a system to know the results of your birthday marketing? For example did you have a way of knowing who you sent your voucher out to at the beginning of the month and how many of your clients actually came back and redeemed them?

A. On the first of the month the vouchers were sent out and I recorded it on their client card. As they were redeemed I then wrote what treatment was purchased and the dollar value they had spent  above the voucher.

Q. Can you remember what was your highest return on investment from one birthday voucher?

A A Soothe – a -liscious Package valued @ $125

Q. Did you have any hiccups/problems with any of your birthday marketing, and if so what were they?

A. No

Q.Would you recommend this style of monthly marketing as a way of bringing in consistent income each month?

A. Absolutely

Q. Have there been any other benefits associated with your birthday marketing that was a bit of a surprise?

A. Sending it by actual mail is the trick for me, via email was less effective.  Even though we are in a modern world we still love to receive a letter in the mail for our salon.

Q. Have you had any negative feedback about your birthday marketing from any of your clients?

A. Never

Q. If there was anything you could do to improve on birthday marketing what would you suggest could make it better?

A. Sonya suggested that I have a unique facial just for the Birthday Girl that could only be purchased at that time (their birthday) and wasn’t available to other clients or on the normal salon menu, which made it more special.

Q. How have you found the whole process of birthday marketing overall?

A. Fantastic! We only have one birthday per year and that’s our day, so we tend to shout ourselves a pampering because we deserve it.

Hope you found some helpful tips from Monika’s interview and Happy Marketing

Sonya x

Sonya Herbert How to do Birthday Marketing