The Business Of Marketing Your Business.

Ok, Here’s the scenario.  You’ve just opened your new business as a bikini waxer  and you are the best in town.  Your lovely and loyal clients tell you that you do an awesome job and they won’t go anywhere else. The only thing is that you could do with a few more clients.  So I’m sure you are asking yourself that  if I’m  the best in town why aren’t I super busy and booked out?

There’s a thing that I used to do wrong and that was thinking that if I only get better at what I do people will come a flooding.  But what I should have been asking myself  was:

“Am I  in  the business of marketing my business?”

This is a question so many beauty and waxing therapists ask themselves each and every day, and come to think of it no matter what business you are in, (hair stylist, dog groomer or florist) it’s the same question that everyone could ask as well.

So If you are the most excellent in your profession, why aren’t you the busiest?

This is a reasonable question to ask.  And the answer is that they just don’t know that you exist.  So even if you are numero uno in your industry,  your  potential new clients are unaware that you or your services are available to them.

So how do we solve that problem?

It’s all about the business of marketing  your business you have and not the actual trade you are in.

Marketing is the key ingredient of any business.   Without it you won’t reach your target market, the people who actually want and need your special expertise and type of work.

I remember when I started out in my small business  which was a beauty salon in my local area, I did what I thought was the right thing to do and  placed a huge ad in the local paper. It was around the $1,000 mark and I was waiting to be inundated with clients.  Well we did get some great exposure for about a week and were semi busy but  then it all fell flat.  I thought at the time that  you find a shop, set it up open the doors and your clients will come flooding in.

Well was I wrong!!

I soon realised very quickly that it’s not about setting up the physical business, ie:  the actual shop front, furniture, computer etc, but it’s about getting the message out to the people who want your services that’s important.

And that’s where your marketing will make all the difference.

Hindsight is a great thing

Looking back now it would have been ideal to pop out a series of ads in the local paper.  Not one actual huge, costly one.  That puts you in front of your clients for a few weeks prior to opening. It’s also a good idea to pop into your add a call to action.  That is an awesome special with an irresistible offer .with a limited number of spots available.  They have to book to ensure they get the deal and do it withing a certain time frame.  So you are getting them to act now.  I also could have done a

  • Social media launch on a few sites with  the same awesome opening special to tantalise my new clients to also entice them to come in.
  • Or I may have visited my local hair salon and teamed up with them and asked them to give out  some discount vouchers to pass on to their clients.

Solving The Bikini Waxer’s Problem

So in the case of the bikini waxer she could have given her clients a $20.00 voucher to pass onto her friends to invite them to come and try her waxing services.  This way her clients would be able to have some waxing done with a $20.00 discount.  She now has the opportunity to wow and win them over as a new client.

Marketing Is Awesome and Necessary For Your Business

I know some of you might think that I don’t want to show off and tell the world how awesome I am….blah blah…Well I know just how you feel.  It’s hard putting yourself out there. But now is the time  to put yourself in your clients’ shoes.  What would she like to know about you and your business before she even thinks about trying out your services.  To her you are a stranger and unknown.

If I was going to have a delicate area waxed I would like to know all abut  my new bikini technician, her qualifications, awards.  I would feel I’ve gotten to know a bit about her before we had met.


Marketing For Your Business Is An Everyday Thing

The business of marketing your business is a tool to get your message across, grow your clients list and make sales.   You know what they say: “You can’t sell a secret”, so if you want the world to know that you are awesome at what you do – well just tell them.

When you apply markeing for your business,  think a little outside the box and you’ll be surprised at what you come up with. It can be low cost, easy and fun.

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Sonya Herbert

Sonya Herbert

Hi I’m Sonya from How To Do Birthday Marketing. I love everything about marketing and customer service and want to help business owners grow their business and income using low to no cost tips and ideas.