You’ll probably know that marketing is used to get clients interested in what you have for sale and to get them to come and buy from you.

But what do you do when your marketing  hasn’t worked and all you hear are crickets instead of the “Cha Ching” from your cash register or PayPal account?

Use Direct Response Marketing!

If you haven’t heard of Direct Response Marketing , well that’s ok, because all what it means is that you are sending out marketing that gets your clients to react and respond to your offer almost immediately. “A Call To Action”. So if you would like to get your clients to respond quickly you may do one or a few of the following in your marketing campaigns.


  1. Limit the sale to and amount. So only 27 on offer!
  2. Offer is for only 3 days.
  3. Gift with purchase and have only 20 gift packs available.
  4. Available for the first 3 who ring now.
  5. Never to be released again, last time e-course.

So you can see how direct response marketing is offering something that has scarcity or a limited availability  attached to it and how it makes people react immediately.  So for an example, If you are offering an e-course and you would like to  people to sign up, you could offer bonuses for the first 35 who respond. 

A bonus may include a:

  • One on one coaching session with you
  • or a copy of a book
  • or even a downloadable product you have created that you already have sitting in your computer files. 

Experiencing A Luke Warm Response?

If you’re marketing is getting  a luke warm response, now may be the time to pop in what I call a “Value Added Offer”.  Add some bonuses’, extras and treats for your birthday girls/guys and allow them to use the birthday voucher on this special as well.  As birthday vouchers are only used in their birthday month then remind them that this super duper offer is only for that month, and only once a year.

Sales Doubled

As soon as I did this in my salon the sales doubled, and our clients did our marketing for us by telling their friends.  I did take the time to do a bit of tweaking and crunch numbers to figure out an awesome offer for our clients , as well receiving a  good profit for our business. Remember to always to review your terms and conditions each time you change your birthday offer. You know the saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”.  Sometimes marketing  that’s done repetitively can fall into that trap. If you’re not getting a good response to your offers or vouchers, then maybe it’s time to try a different approach.  And Direct Response Marketing maybe just what you are looking for.

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