Your Facebook Banner is one of the most precious pieces of

online real estate that your business can have.


But is Is your Facebook banner in “Ready – Set – GO!” formation to help bring in those extra dollars for

you at Christmas time?


You’re probably wondering what I’m  talking about!!
Well in my opinion your Facebook banner is your most valuable asset and online real estate.
It is the first thing that your customers see when they visit your page.
I’ve done a quick mock up of a Facebook banner using Canva. that I think is pretty, simple and straight to the point.
(Sorry guys if it’s a bit girly but I’m sure you get the idea!)
When you change your Business Facebook Page Banner you also have the option to add a Call to Action Button at the bottom. Just under the image on the right.
If you were wanting to send customers to your online shop you would naturally select the “Shop Now Button”
It gives you the option to link your shop’s website URL to the button and will send them straight there.
Easy peasy don’t you think?
You can also use an array of other “Call to Action” buttons that Facebook provide.
  • CONTACT YOU – by either sending a message, calling you directly or emailing. ( I like the message option as it is one of the quickest ways to communicate with your customers)
  • LEARN MORE – send them to a video on Facebook
  • BOOK NOW –  send them to your online booking platform.
And when you want to change your banner you can also change/edit your call to action button anytime.
Add as much info as you can to help make it easy for your customers to purchase from you.
Be sure to also click on your banner and fill in all your relevant info on the right hand side of the banner when it opens up to the image.
This maybe a little different viewing on a phone but the  buttons appear underneath the image.
Pop in a bit of a description and entice your customers to want to come over to see your offer and include a link to make it easy for them to navigate there.
Often the more info you share the more likely they’ll buy.
Only offer links and web addresses of what you feel comfortable using.
Even though Facebook offers custom buttons linking to your email address I sometime worry about spam.
Your phone number is precious too. Even though it’s available to be found on your About section of your Facebook business page.
 I will leave that one up to you to decide on.  (no personal info though)
Too many calls around Christmas can be hard to manage as well.
 You can also create similar Facebook posts that you can boost and promote your special offers too.  
Keep them in the same coloring, images and fonts etc.
With all the usual craziness that the end of year brings I know your time is probably starting to get swallowed up with all the extra work needed to be organised for the Christmas rush.
But this will only take you a little bit of your time, but honestly totally worth it.
You’ll want to be sure you’ve got  this one job done and ticked off your list
And keep this idea going all year long.
If you want your clients to sign up to your Birthday Club or be on the list to receive your  vouchers this is another way to promote it.
This is an awesome tool for giveaways as it can help grow your email list as well.  
You can send your customers to your Giveaway page and direct them to your sign up box.
Using the Facebook buttons you are able to send them to wherever you like.
This is just one of the great ideas that the Facebook banner can do.  There are other options to upload videos on the banner, slideshows with images you choose to use.
It’s all very creative and if you’ve had any great successes using the Facebook Banner please pop them into the comments below.  I’m sure there are so many more.